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Docks Rémois et Familistère

  • familistere--c--Pauline-Colin
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Returning to the Mutualism of the 19th century, shops with multiple branches made history in Reims, like Goulet-Turpin, the Établissements Économiques or the Comptoirs Français. Some announced mass distribution, like the Familistère.

The first business school was housed upstairs in this building. This huge five-storey building, with a reinforced concrete framework and a Chauvigny stone façade that was punctuated by archways surmounted by large pilasters at the upper floors, was opened in 1928. The bevelled corner finishes with an octagonal dome adorned by Mercury, the Roman god of commerce.

The Docks Rémois called in architect Pol Gosset for this building, which combined headquarters, shops, exhibition galleries and shows.

The ironwork by Raymond Subes and the Art Deco sculptures and internal layout disappeared during the renovation by Reichen & Robert in 1989.


Docks Rémois et Familistère 18 Rue de Vesle - 51100 REIMS

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