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Eglise Saint-Nicolas

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The Saint-Nicolas de Chenay church is characterized by the slender spire of its bell tower and its Italianate-inspired western facade. A monumental staircase leads up from the rue du Général Leclerc. Entrance is through the door on the north side.

In the 12th century, this building succeeded an earlier 7th-century chapel. The base of the stone bell tower dates from this period, as do certain elements of the transept. Today's church retains a rectangular shape close to the original.

In 1680, the nave was rebuilt. Repairs and alterations were made in 1768, followed by an extension in 1772; the current façade dates from this period.
Under the direction of architect Louis Gosset, major works in the second half of the 19th century, from 1854 to 1900, completely transformed the transept and chevet. In 1854, an ogival apse was added. In 1863, the apse, sacristy and south chapel dedicated to the Virgin were rebuilt. This chapel, ending in a stone and brick skylight, is one of the church's original features. It was donated by a Chenay resident. At the same time, the tall octagonal spire and its four belfries replaced the 12th-century stone belfry. In 1923, war damage repairs gave the present building its final shape.
Chenay church is renowned for its abundance of stained glass windows, all donated by parishioners. Those made before 1914 were lost during the bombing raids. The current windows were created by contemporary master glassmakers: Mme et Mlles de Troyer, René Bordereaux, A Delloux, Bruno Pigeon (2006: "Le miracle de saint Remi" donated by Mme Marie Charbonneaux), Jean-Pierre Fouché (2014: "Vierge pleurant l'absurdité" donated by the Fouché family).

Other works of interest in the Chenay church include two paintings by Gustave Pierre (1875-1939), donated by Dr. Chatelin, and three painted stone statues: St. Anne teaching the Virgin to read, a Virgin and Child and a Virgin of the Immaculate Conception. Also worth seeing are the 19th-century stalls, fitted with carved "miséricordes", movable pieces of wood for standing on.

Other discoveries await you! The church of Saint-Nicolas de Chenay is well worth a visit.


Eglise Saint-Nicolas D26 - 51140 CHENAY

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