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Continuum is the work of Dr Colors, an inseparable duo from northern France, made up of Benoît Bécuwe and Jérôme Trocmé. Coming from the world of graffiti, the duo specialize in "mural reanimation", in other words: they breathe life into spaces with their acidic work. With 150 square meters dedicated to continuum frescoes, the artists can express their talent to the full, each work being tailor-made to suit its environment.

Unlike many graffiti artists, Dr Colors doesn't use spray cans; they work with brushes and reinvent the codes of building painting, using mainly primary colors and pastel tones. Their timeless, uncluttered style is characterized by abstract shapes and varied chromatic effects. This fresco is due to remain in place for around two years, so don't miss out!

A little extra: you can follow the progress of their work by following the hashtag #continuumdrcolors on social networks.


Fresque Dr Colors 1 Rue Lesage - 51100 REIMS

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