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Maisons de la cité-jardin

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Architect Jacques Marcel Auburtin built around 600 homes that could house an average of six people and were spread across 14 models of “houses”, combining one to four homes (terraced, symmetrical, in lines). These constructions were “clean” and “solid”, made from concrete slabs and with plastered breezeblock walls and peaked roofs, so that the charming effect matched the greenery. The average home comprised four rooms of 15 m2 (living room and master bedroom on the ground floor, two rooms – girls and boys – on the first floor), a kitchen of 5 m2 and a laundry room. It also included a ceramic sink, a cement washbasin, a toilet, a cellar, an attic, a small shed (hutch and chicken coop) and a vegetable patch (of 300 m2). The comfort and food self-sufficiency aimed to recreate solidarity to avoid the tragic events seen during the Great Depression (of the late 19th century), primarily in British and American cities.


Maisons de la cité-jardin 5 Place du 11 Novembre - 51100 REIMS

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