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Pont mémorial de Fismes

  • Pont mémorial de Fismes
  • Pont mémorial de Fismes
  • Pont mémorial de Fismes
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This Monument is a unique memorial bridge in France. It was donated by the state of Pennsylvania after World War I, as a tribute to all the American soldiers who died to free Fismes.

The bridge was destroyed 3 times in the past :
In September 1914 then in May 1918. In August, the Americans push back the Germans.
The Americans returned a few years later to erect a new bridge to which they added two monumental statues and lanterns which cost them $ 42,700.
This building is one of the only, if not the only, Memorial bridge in France.

In June 1940, under German pressure, the bridge blew up again.
In 1947, the State of Pennsylvania decided to participate in the reconstruction of the bridge. Due to uncertain context, it was decided to rebuild the bridge without its monumental parts.

In 1994, on the anniversary of the liberation of Fismes of 1944, restoration work began. The columns on either side of the road, the molded parapet in period shapes, and the lanterns of the Dead bear witness to this success.


Pont mémorial de Fismes - 51170 FISMES

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