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Société de tir de Reims

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It was Melchior Polignac, a member of the International Olympic Committee, who helped organize the 1924 Olympic Games. He had already endowed Maison Pommery with a large park dedicated to the company's employees: the Parc de Champagne. This same park had subsequently welcomed top-level athletes. For the shooting events at the 1924 Olympic Games, the edge of Reims was chosen. The shooting range, built entirely of concrete, stretches over 170 meters and is distinguished by its two symmetrical campaniles, which offer a panoramic view of the surrounding area. These buildings are still accessible today, and are also the headquarters and property of the present-day Reims Shooting Society.


Société de tir de Reims 12 Avenue du 29 Août 1944 - 51430 TINQUEUX

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