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Cantine anti-gaspi et alimentation durable - Les Bons Restes

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Come and discover the Les Bons Restes association's Anti-Gaspi Canteen! For all those who love a good meal in a good mood, it's over here! On the program for these meals: - A kitchen of unsold produce gleaned from local producers and stores to raise awareness of food waste. - Recipes created by volunteers (starter/main course/dessert). - Large communal tables for sharing and socializing. - A free price to enable everyone to come and have lunch, and to cover our running costs. - And, of course, a convivial time in the kitchen, at the table or washing up! Meal preparation, tidying up and washing up are all done in partnership. The canteen is open every Thursday and Friday lunchtime, with reservations by phone or online. Stemming from the Disco Soupe movement, Les Bons Restes is a Reims-based association saddened to note the figures for food waste (1/3 of the world's food production is wasted) in view of the growing number of people turning to food aid. The aim of the association is to run a structure to raise awareness of food waste and sustainable eating through educational, fun, participative and non-stigmatizing actions aimed at the general public. The association's main activities are : • Gleaning fruit, vegetables, bread and groceries from local stores, producers and artisans for actions in and around Reims. • Events: - Disco Soupes in the public space, where we cook festively with gleaned produce, inviting passers-by to cook with us! - Anti-gaspi buffets - Jar workshops - Awareness-raising workshops - And, of course, the anti-gaspi canteen!


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Cantine anti-gaspi et alimentation durable - Les Bons Restes 16 Rue Pierre Maître - 51100 REIMS

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