Your trip to Reims in January

To get the year off to a good start, visit Reims in January.

The region’s cold, wet winters nevertheless offer certain advantages. Follow the guide.

Cultural tours
Free museums

The City of Reims opens its museums free of charge to locals and tourists from January 1 to March 31.

This operation, which has been repeated for several years now, enables as many people as possible to take advantage of a varied cultural offer, and opens up museums to new audiences.

Une des salles du musée, présentant un plafond voutée en pierre et de grandes mosaïques d'époque romaine
Fort de la premiÚre guerre mondiale protégé par des fossés
Musée de la Reddition (c) Cyrille Beudot Office de Tourisme du Grand Reims (7)

Free museums at this time of year

Bare nature
Verzy’s “Faux”

A natural curiosity found in large numbers in the Verzy forest, in the heart of the Montagne de Reims Regional Nature Park, a “Faux” is a twisted beech whose trunk and branches form a unique spectacle.

Walking in the forest in winter allows you to take full advantage of this phenomenon, as the trees have lost their leaves.

As the path is marked and protected, it is not possible to walk right up to the specimens. In summer, visitors see mostly ball-shaped trees.

Les faux de verzy en automne. Une fois ses feuilles tombées, les troncs et branches entortillés se dévoilent
Couple en randonnée qui découvre les faux de verzy
Les faux de Verzy (c) Carmen Moya 2012 Office de Tourisme du Grand reims (2)-min

Wine tourism
Cellar tour and Champagne tasting

In winter, as all year round, you can push open the doors of the great Champagne houses, to visit the cellars housing the precious beverage or taste a few vintages.

Beware, however, that some houses reduce their opening days during this season. We strongly recommend booking your visit in advance.

veuve clicquot ©Cyrille Beudot (2)
Dégustation de Champagne à Boutique Trésors de Champagne. La plafond de la piÚce est composé de dizaines de bouteilles lumineuses.
Le domaine Pommery, un chùteau de style Elisabéthain

Champagne houses open in January

Major events

Reims traditionally hosts 2 major events at the end of January:

The beginning of the month also marks the end of the Christmas festivities. Now that the Christmas market is over, other events are continuing into January. This is the case in 2024 for the Regalia sound and light show, which continues until January 7, and the Ferris Wheel, which will remain on the Place d’Erlon until January 13.

1-02 monte carlo
10-02 csm_FAR-Affiche-Generale-2024_4fbed8d473

Activity ideas

January weather in Reims


Temperatures average between 0° and 7°.


Rainfall is generally relatively moderate in January, with 42 mm over the month.

Day length

Days last an average of 8 hours 41 minutes in January. The days grow longer as the month progresses.

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